The Palms Massage Studio

50% off your first treatment for all new clients*

Welcome to The Palms Massage Studio where it is my aim to provide Massage to relieve aches, pains and stress in a comfortable and relaxing environment in Plymouth.

Being a Fitness Instructor and a Massage Therapist I repeatedly see the benefits of massage during rehabilitation from numerous conditions.

Massage is an age old technique that works through the healing power of touch.

When the brain senses the correct quality of touch it enables muscles to let go of tensions and adhesions, reducing stress and anxiety. The body can then begin the task of repair thus restoring, re-balancing and refreshing the 'Whole Self'.

Each client is treated as an individual and will receive a tailor-made treatment for each session.  No two massages are ever the same! I constantly change and adapt the techniques used and the pressure applied in response to your body's requirements and your feedback.

At the Palms Massage Studio, we provide :- Massage, Swedish Massage also know as Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, ReflexologyAromatherapy and a range of Facials and beauty treatments from a relaxing studio in Keyham, Plymouth.

Swedish Massage or Therapeutic massage is a smooth, loosening massage using natural oils or lotions. This treatment can also be a firm, rejuvenating massage applying deeper tissue work to help release engrained aches and tension.

Deep Tissue Massage sometimes called Remedial Massage is a much deeper massage, it works using, thumbs, wrists, forearms and elbows to stretch out and release muscles that are shortened and tense. It helps to free up your body and improves flexibility.

Massage is carried out from my studio in Plymouth. We are situated just up the road from St Levans Gate in Keyham. On street parking is available.

I, Diana Mills, am constantly updating my skills and in 2015 will also be studying to provide Hot Stone Therapy Massage and Traditional Thai Massage treatments.


*Offer cannot be used with any other discount or to purchase gift vouchers. Only treatments up to 90 minutes qualify for the full 50% introductory discount.